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Start a For Sale search by clicking on the above Choose button and entering a location (town, village, city district, full or partial postcode, or GPS coordinates), a search radius, a price range, the number of bedrooms and the property type, and then press the Search button. Note the search radius is restricted to 25 miles.

When the search has completed, properties for sale will be listed and the Previous Sales and Schools buttons become available.

Map Search

If you don't know the name of your location, you can search within the visible map area by clicking on the Map Search button. The price range, number of bedrooms and the property type on the Choose panel will be used by this search also. Note the search area is restricted to 25 x 25 miles.

For Sale

When you perform a search using the Choose or Map Search buttons the properties for sale are listed. Streetview imagery may be at position of nearest postcode.

Clicking on a property image will open a new browser window that describes the property in detail.

Previous Sales

After running a For Sale search, click on the Previous Sales button to find prices of properties sold between January 2012 and December 2013. Property Type and Number of Bedrooms are not used in the search.

It takes a few months for recently sold properties to appear in the database. Not all property sales are shown (e.g. if there are several close by properties sales some will have been omitted for clarity on the map). No property price information is available for Northern Ireland. Streetview imagery may be at position of nearest postcode.


After running a For Sale search, click on the Schools button to find schools within the search area.

Schools are categorised according to pupil age range ...
  • Nursery: playgroups and nursery schools.
  • Primary: infant and junior schools.
  • Secondary: high schools, grammar schools and sixth form colleges.
Not all nursery and independent schools are listed. Streetview imagery may be at position of nearest postcode.

Where exam data is available, schools are ranked from best to worst and assigned a performance grade based on their rank ...
  • excellent
  • good
  • adequate
  • could do better
Primary and secondary results are calculated separately and each of the four countries in the United Kingdom are considered separately.

Exam data used to calculate school performance ...
  • England, primary schools: percentage of pupils at key stage 2 achieving level 4 in reading, writing and maths in 2013.
  • England, secondary schools: percentage of pupils at key stage 4 achieving the equivalent of at least five A*-C GCSE passes including Maths and English in 2013.
  • Wales, primary schools: percentage of pupils at key stage 2 achieving the Core Subject Indicator in 2013.
  • Wales, secondary schools: percentage of pupils at key stage 4 achieving the level 2 threshold in 2013.
  • Scotland, primary schools: no data.
  • Scotland, secondary schools: percentage of pupils at year S4 achieving five or more awards at SCQF level 5 or better in 2013.
  • Northern Ireland, primary schools: no data.
  • Northern Ireland, secondary schools: percentage of year 12 pupils achieving at least five A*-C GCSEs passes in 2013.
Some schools do not have exam data available. Special schools are not graded. Also exam data may be omitted for small class sizes.


The crime map divides the country up into areas with colour representing crime rate. The area with the average crime rate falls within the yellow band.

As crime and population data is reported differently by some devolved regions, crime is calculated separately for each of these 3 regions ...
  • England and Wales: areas contain an average of 1600 residents. Crime data is for 2013. Excludes 'anti-social behaviour' incidents.
  • Scotland: areas contain an average of 770 residents. Crime data is for 2012.
  • Northern Ireland: areas contain an average of 400 residents. Crime data is for 2013. Excludes 'anti-social behaviour' incidents.
When comparing crime rates it should be noted that, due to shoplifting and disorder crimes etc, commercial areas of towns will tend to have elevated crime levels compared to adjacent non-commercial areas.

The data does not take account of short term increases in population such as the influx of workers to a town centre or large public events such as football matches.


The broadband map estimates likely maximum broadband speeds. It includes both regular (ADSL) and superfast (cable broadband and FTTC) technologies. It is based on mid 2013 data.

Broadband speed can also vary with the quality of the telephone line to the property, the quality of the telephone wiring inside the property, and the service offered by your Internet service provider.

London Underground

On the Tube map, station names become visible when you zoom in. Obtain further information from Transport for London.

  • Bakerloo
  • Central
  • Circle
  • District
  • Hammersmith & City
  • Jubilee
  • Metropolitan
  • Northern
  • Piccadilly
  • Victoria
  • Waterloo & City
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • London Overground

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